Rating Guide

Here is an explanation of the rating system I am using:

5 Stars:  Excellent Read!  Loved it!  One of my favorite reads! Highly Recommended!  Would consider making the author an autobuy.  Books who recieve this rating are among the best books I have read and are definitely keepers.

4 Stars: Great Read!  Definitely liked it and would recommend it!  I would read this author again if the book sounded appealing.

3 Stars: Good Read!  Overall satisfying and I enjoyed it, but there were a few things that could have been improved.

2 Stars:  Okay read, but it had quite a few flaws.

1 Star:  Eh…While I personally did not enjoy it, others might like it.

Please note that half ratings (ex. 4.5 stars) may be given.

Please keep in mind that the reviews I post will most certainly be honest and fair and that they are just MY OPINION.  What I love others may dislike…and what I dislike others may love.


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